Juicy Burger says:
26 May 2013
Good News: Commenting is Back.

With new antifag features. If I were the one, I'd rather not try to spam here again. It can harm your computer or/and arrogance.
Happy Burger says:
18 April 2013
To some faggots, who keep spamming this cozy place...

Yeah yeah... you win, I'm temporarily disabling commenting, because I can't even look at this shit, you keep posting here... I'm too busy to fix it right now, but It will be done l8r. What a waste of time writing spamming scripts for a blog, that no one visits by the way.
Hanz says:
27 Mar 2013
Du hast das serh gut gemacht
Angrrr Happy Burger says:
18 Feb 2013
Spamers! I really don't have time to fight you now. Leave this place. Peace.

No one visits this outpost. No one reads your spam. 1 user per week that's it.
Kevlyn says:
17 Feb 2013
Woot, I will crteainly put this to good use!
Happy Burger says:
25 Jan 2013
Hello NoWayne! Thanks a lot for reporting. I've fixed that. (Where did you find this, I keep wondering?! These guys are hailing from New Zealand) You are my favorite listener out of 18 people, who dwn'ed OTCH yet :D
AintNoWayne says:
22 Jan 2013
Hi Dudes! I know the name of the track by "Unknown Band 2". The Primmers - Funny Stories actually.
Also Great Comps by the way, keep em going!
Walrus says:
08 Dec 2012
Oh fucking great to be here again! Will try all of the music soon! You can check out my inept blog there btw: mightypiggy.tumblr.com
Happy Burger says:
06 Dec 2012
Greetings to all tape geeks! Today we have a very special day. I am proud to announce that the so-long-awaited Issue 3 is finally here! This one turned out slightly mysterious and romantic and Japanese?! Anyway it grants a good ear treatment as usual. Enjoy!

Also packs with Off-Tape 1 and 2 were updated, because I was able to find many tracks in better quality.

Moreover the site will have some tweaks and fixes in just few days... Whatever.
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