yoursarcasmboresme says:
29 Aug 2014
Thanks for the downloads, mate. Cheers from Sydney
Andy says:
24 Apr 2014
Unknown song from issue 1 (track 4) is Something's Wrong- Spring Again. The full song is over 4 mins long so you're missing some of it obviously.
Happy Burger says:
02 Apr 2014
OTCH 4 is finally here. Bah. It becomes harder and harder to find worthy tracks these days. But I will try to keep it goin' more often.

Congratulations to the band Future Virgins - you've made it to the 4th Off Tape Chronicles again. I don't know. You are just great talented people.
gerry says:
04 Jun 2013
thank you,
its very cool, i like
Juicy Burger says:
26 May 2013
Good News: Commenting is Back.

With new antifag features. If I were the one, I'd rather not try to spam here again. It can harm your computer or/and arrogance.
Happy Burger says:
18 April 2013
To some faggots, who keep spamming this cozy place...

Yeah yeah... you win, I'm temporarily disabling commenting, because I can't even look at this shit, you keep posting here... I'm too busy to fix it right now, but It will be done l8r. What a waste of time writing spamming scripts for a blog, that no one visits by the way.
Hanz says:
27 Mar 2013
Du hast das serh gut gemacht
Angrrr Happy Burger says:
18 Feb 2013
Spamers! I really don't have time to fight you now. Leave this place. Peace.

No one visits this outpost. No one reads your spam. 1 user per week that's it.
Kevlyn says:
17 Feb 2013
Woot, I will crteainly put this to good use!
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