acidpoison says:
27 Jul 2017
long time no see ;)
prodam says:
14 Apr 2017
Ivan says:
03 Feb 2016
Happy Burger says:
31 Dec 2015
Ho Ho Ho. You know what I am here for? Well... There is no truth in words. No more wait. Here it comes. Please use Wisely and with caution, for instance tonight is appropriate.

Happy New Year and be good gals and boys this year.
vbxvc says:
01 Sep 2015
old and sour says:
16 Jul 2015
Listening to this in Portugal. Thanks!
acidpoison says:
19 Feb 2015
I'm calling out from Gamejolt in the US.
yoursarcasmboresme says:
29 Aug 2014
Thanks for the downloads, mate. Cheers from Sydney
Andy says:
24 Apr 2014
Unknown song from issue 1 (track 4) is Something's Wrong- Spring Again. The full song is over 4 mins long so you're missing some of it obviously.
Happy Burger says:
02 Apr 2014
OTCH 4 is finally here. Bah. It becomes harder and harder to find worthy tracks these days. But I will try to keep it goin' more often.

Congratulations to the band Future Virgins - you've made it to the 4th Off Tape Chronicles again. I don't know. You are just great talented people.
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