Off-Tape Chronicles 6

Rockabilly era, prohibition, marriage burden, working class, everyone's that busy dying, while you are feeling wet, almost ready and want to be happy forever and ever. More early and rocknrollish stuff this time.

mixtape cover


01. Get Busy Livin' Or Get Busy Dyin' The Kings Of Nuthin'
02. You & I (Are Just Letters In The Alphabet) Wyatt Blair
03. Dreams Smith Westerns
04. New Pop Golden Grrrls
05. Ghosts Of Princes In Towers Rich Kids
06. Opening Up The Circles
07. Reduced Tot Rocket And The Twins
08. Time Bomb High School Reigning Sound
09. Barbra The Modernettes
10. Geometric Boy Protokids
11. Truth or Dare Bleeding Knees Club
12. Leather Jacket The Numbers
13. In Purgatory Nocturnal Projections
14. Pyromaniac The Verlaines
15. Just Dreamin' The Be Helds
16. Hardcore The Zany Guys
17. Pinstripe Willie Oblivians
18. Brain Damage Personal & The Pizzas
19. Violent Days Screaming Sneakers
20. Zink Tabletz The Trend
21. Be A Man The Brats
22. Night in The City The Allies
23. Amy Jahn 50 Million
24. Instant Feelings Young Identities
25. I'm Alright Redd Kross
26. Forever And Ever Culture Shock
27. Abortion Annie & Candy Clutz
28. Chop Up Your Mother Sic F*cks
29. Disease The Shirks
30. Almost Ready The Normals
31. Other Side Of Hope The Kings Of Nuthin'
32. Coltrane Boston Chinks
33. Two Darts New Swears
34. Don't Get Married Gaye Blades