Chud says:
04 Jul 2024
You skipped issue number Ϫ
Happy Burger says:
04 May 2024
When I learned English better I started to understand more. Most didn't disappoint. They are less fake than commercial music. Some songs I seriously can relate to, some are plain stupid fun, which also works with me though.
Buri Buri Zaemon says:
29 Apr 2024
While listening to the song, do you actually listen to the lyrics, or is it just the music that you like?
Happy Burger says:
14 Dec 2023
Much appreciated. I have listened to around 15000 artists according to, sometimes it is hard to remember if I listened to particular artist or not, but somehow overlooked Frank Zappa's - that's for certain. I will correct this mistake, if you recommend. Cheers!
Z says:
24 Oct 2023
Haha, I absolutely love this website. Most creative design I've ever seen. Love the music! Thanks for helping me find lots of new songs. Might not be your style, but I was wondering if you've ever listened to Frank Zappa?
SemiHappy Burger says:
10 Jul 2022
hey, acidpoison. Thank you, though I tried to express the lack of any skills with this project. Anyways, you can contact me by email, which you will find if you click on "about" above.
SemiHappy Burger says:
10 Jul 2022
Issue 7 is out only in 5 years. Let's pretend it means the quality is increasing.
Jake says:
30 Dec 2021
Happy Burger says:
23 Oct 2021
Thanks for sticking around! Issue 7 is a work in indefinite progress but should be up eventually.
yoursarcasmboresme says:
17 Sep 2021
It's been a little while. I've enjoyed everything you've uploaded. I hope to see part 7 some time in the near future.
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