SemiHappy Burger says:
10 Jul 2022
hey, acidpoison. Thank you, though I tried to express the lack of any skills with this project. Anyways, you can contact me by email, which you will find if you click on "about" above.
SemiHappy Burger says:
10 Jul 2022
Issue 7 is out only in 5 years. Let's pretend it means the quality is increasing.
Jake says:
30 Dec 2021
Happy Burger says:
23 Oct 2021
Thanks for sticking around! Issue 7 is a work in indefinite progress but should be up eventually.
yoursarcasmboresme says:
17 Sep 2021
It's been a little while. I've enjoyed everything you've uploaded. I hope to see part 7 some time in the near future.
acidpoison says:
07 May 2021
the last great guestbook
acidpoison says:
12 Dec 2019
yoyo (:
acidpoison says:
09 Aug 2018
Hey! :) Do you have a twitter or email I can send you game dev stuff at? (p.s. nice web design skillz)
Happy Burger says:
27 Dec 2017
I still keep doing this and in just some couple of years episode #6 is ready. Also OTCH1 and OTCH2 archives were updated with many better quality tracks I was able to discover over this time.

Have fun and loud year please.
acidpoison says:
27 Jul 2017
long time no see ;)
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