Off-Tape Chronicles 3

The Bananas, Sexy, Blotto, J Church, Dark Rides... and I think I'm turning Japanese.

mixtape cover


01. Nautical Theme The Bananas
02. Another Talk The Miscasts
03. Can I Take the Car Tonight The Incredible Kidda Band
04. Smoking Popes Sexy
05. One Day Sloane Peterson
06. Cassandra The Closet Fairies
07. Fun Spot Audacity
08. Bad Man Oblivians
09. Spinnin' on a 45 Blotto
10. Nasty Weather Shang-a-Lang
11. All Monkey Radio & The Tranny Cock Sunnyside
12. She Said Your Pest Band
13. Mess Me Up Teengenerate
14. Girly Girly Girly The White Wires
15. Not the New Monikers
16. Step Back Cringer
17. Xmas Song Sexy
18. I'm not Ashamed Allergic to Bullshit
19. Annie Blotto
20. Age of Consent The Underground Railroad to Candyland
21. Fido Dead Dog
22. Postcards from Paradise Hidden Spots
23. The Golden Ghost Cheeky
24. Easiest Years Future Virgins
25. Fuck You, I Hate You Giant Bags of Weed
26. My Favorite Place J Church
27. Snakes Hot New Mexicans
28. A Reason to Do Anything (Tell Me) Summer Vacation
29. The Midwest Can Be Alright The Gizmos
30. Between the Lions Cleveland Bound Death Sentence
31. The Opponent Dark Rides
32. Skyway Tiltwheel
33. Bad Thoughts Nar
34. 花男 The Elephant Kashimashi
35. Balboa Fun Zone Adolescents